Web Data Scraping

Web Data Scraping Solution for Business Intelligence and Analytics

According to some research, IDC predicts that the world will be creating 163 zettabytes (one trillion gigabytes) of data a year by 2025. There’s no doubt that the Internet provides so much incredible information today that we could dig out how valuable it could be to provide us powerful insights to support business analytics and intelligence.

Web data scraping is probably the most valuable competitive data process your company can deploy, it is the process of crawling through visible content on the internet in order to find and extract specific sets of data. This makes the processes of data extraction infinitely easier and less time consuming. Gathering business intelligence data via web scraping is becoming easier and providing extremely beneficial insights for modern companies.

So, how can we use web data scraping?

Comparing prices and products takes your potential buyer mere seconds, so you’d better make sure that you measure up to your competition. When you leverage on web scraping strategy, you constantly receive updated information on what your competitors are charging, and when. Increase your market share by gathering competitive pricing data and adjusting your prices dynamically.

The web provides an unprecedented wealth of information that they can use to predict industry trends and make more informed investment decisions. With the traditional methods of data acquisition, conducting a market research is a time-consuming and costly job. Web data extraction is by far the easiest way to gather a huge volume of relevant data for market research.

Web scraping makes it possible to monitor the popular news portals and social media to get the updated information by trending keywords or topics. For business development purpose, you may identify what companies are planning to expand or relocate by scanning through news article.

The web is an enormous source of contacts, however collecting this information is a formidable challenge, as it is typically spread over multiple websites. A scraper can collect the necessary details – names, email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, to generate leads and keep a steady flow of prospects heading into its sales funnel.

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